ABC Blockchain Talk #11

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ABC Blockchain Talk #11:

“Self-Sovereign Identity – Current Trends and Developments” 

We are excited to announce the next ABC Blockchain Talk on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 – 4:30 p.m, online.  

Our partners will be presenting current topics in the field of Self Sovereign Identity.

What are important SSI concepts like DiDs or verifiable credentials? What are possible applications? What are the challenges? And are DiDs actually as decentralized as we assume?

  • Walid Fdhila (SBA Research) will introduce the most important SSI concepts and share insights on the evaluation of Decentralized Identities.
  • Andreas Freitag (Jolocom) will then highlight recent trends and developments in the field of Self Sovereign Identity. Do we have to use Blockchain Technology for SSI? Why is interoperability so important? And what is what is happening in Germany, Switzerland and the EU.

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