ABC Blockchain Talk #7

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We are happy to announce the next ABC Blockchain Talk, a joint event with the Berlin Blockchain Nights on October, 20th 2021 – 5:30 pm on

“Crypto-Payment Privacy: Anonymisation, Deanonymisation”

Cryptocurrency payments face a tension between regulators striving to eliminate anonymity due to fear of money laundering and users who wish to preserve their privacy as they legitimately can with cash payments.

In this joint event, our experts will discuss

  • why to build and to use a wallet with built-in CoinJoin mixing,
  • what effects privacy wallets are having on the blockchain,
  • and how privacy and accountability may still be compatible in a privacy-by-default, revoked-by-consensus world.

In this blockchain talk, which kickstarts the cooperation between the
ABC talks of the Austrian Blockchain Center and the from Berlin,

  • Adam Fiscor, the inventor of wasabi wallet, will explain why he built a wallet with built-in CoinJoin mixing,
  • Johann Stockinger (Technische Universität Wien) will present a study of the effects of CoinJoin wallets, [Paper]
  • Martin Florian (Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society-Institut) [Paper]

will discuss how privacy and accountability may still be compatible via collaborative deanonymization.

Please note, this is a hybrid event – online and in two locations: Berlin and Vienna. Please note that registration is required to participate in any setting.

Follow this link to register for this event in Vienna now.

This event will be held in hybrid form again for a long time.

You can join us online (via Eventbrite page) or on site at WU Vienna (Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna) Building EA – Executive Academy (5th floor), Room EA 5.030. 


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