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We are an application-oriented research and competence
center focused on Blockchain and related technologies.

Founding members - world class universities

Connected with a world leading scientific network and company partners

Areas of Expertise

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to answer research questions in a holistic way from technical to legal questions. Together with our partners and our team of specialists, we have accumulated relevant years of experience and expertise in different areas of knowledge.

Technology, Security and Development

Addresses the technical and theoretical foundations of distributed ledger technology. The area will also address technical aspects of different types of Blockchains and “Non Blockchains”, Smart Contracts and transparency on the Blockchain.


Addresses new business models, economic potentials and problems. The area will study economic questions that arise in any peer-to-peer system and investigate DLT based decentralized business models in specific application domains.

Economic Systems and Token Engineering

Focuses on the technological aspects of Blockchains in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. The convergence of Blockchain with emerging technologies in those fields will be at the center of the activities.

Law and Legal Policies

Aims to address legal questions arising under current legislation including matters of private, public and tax law, tries to address concepts and suggestions for future legal frameworks and starts to analyse further political implications.


Its aim is to transmit knowledge to the industry regarding the research and development processes involved in DLT/Blockchain-based solutions, through the creation and offer of specialized courses, workshops, conferences and additional learning tools that allow and support companies in their R+D, businesses, operations and legal areas.