ABC Blockchain Talk #2

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On February, 10th 2021 we will continue our lecture series with a presentation on the following topic:

Laundering Money with Cryptoassets: Known Strategies and Containment Methods

Cryptoassets can certainly be regarded as a disruptive innovation that has the potential to transform the financial sector. However, a small fraction of transactions also account for illicit activities, like money laundering or terrorist financing, which has become a major challenge for Law Enforcement and Virtual Asset Service Providers, who must comply with existing and emerging standards and regulations. This talk will focus on the topic of money laundering and explain known techniques that are currently used by criminals. It will also elaborate on known cryptoasset tracing and tracking techniques as well as the open issues and challenges businesses and authorities are currently facing in mitigating money laundering.


Dr. Elena Scherschneva is an Austria based freelancing AML/CTF Trainer and Consultant. She is also founder of the AML-Academy – an Organization to enhance the exchange of AML/CTF professionals. Elena started her career at the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior back in 2003. She started her professional career at the Russian Organized Crime Unit of the Criminal Intelligence Service and is now looking back to over 10 years of international experience in the AML/CTF area, including 5 years as Head of the Austrian Financial Intelligence Unit (A-FIU). Elena obtained her doctorate from the University of Linz in the field of penal law and holds a master’s degree in Criminology. At the moment, she is one of Austria’s leading trainers for AML/CTF. She is actively working with reporting entities including virtual asset service providers and also serves as an expert for the Council of Europe and other international organizations.  

Dr. Bernhard Haslhofer is a Senior Scientist at the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, where he acts as Thematic Coordinator in the research group “Data Science & Artificial Intelligence”. He is also a researcher at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, where he leads the “CryptoFinance” research group, and at TU Vienna, where he teaches a course on “Cryptoasset Analytics”. Bernhard obtained his doctorate from the University of Vienna in the field of Computer Science and also holds a master’s degree in Economics and Computer Science. Before joining AIT, he worked as an EU Marie Curie fellow at Cornell Information Science (NY, USA) and as assistant professor at the University of Vienna. His research focuses on finding and applying quantitative data science methods for gaining new insights from large-scale, connected datasets.

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